Vinyl Stickers

My kids like to decorate their water bottles with stickers. We’ve learned the hard way the importance of using only vinyl for such expression! To cover up a sticky mess gone bad, I made a couple new vinyl stickers for my daughter. Wish the pictures could show the full beauty this irredescent vinyl emits!

  • Christmas Stars Cup–Vinyl
  • Heart Water Bottle–Vinyl

The Process:

The tiny-hooked weed tool worked very well for weeding out all the negative space. So intricate and pretty!

Using transfer tape to place it on the bottle

So easy! We’ll let the vinyl cure for a couple of days before use.

You can create a sticker for just about anything of interest. Simply search the topic and customize it to your liking in the app. I’m finding it to be very user-friendly which is good because I’m not really technically savvy! I’ll be making plenty more of these to keep our water bottles festive!

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