Anniversary Card

This is a work-in-progress as I need to get to the store for some adhesive. My 21st wedding anniversary is coming up on Thursday and this is the card I’ve chosen to give my husband. I’m basing it off of Jack Johnson’s “Better Together” song. It suits us very well. 😊

All Finished! (update 1/24/19)

  • It’s Always Better When We’re Together Card–Cardstock

The Process:

This is becoming the norm…trim all papers needed for project before beginning

Three pages loaded together! This always scares me…what if my measurements are off?! They were slightly! I’m keeping with it anyway 🥴

Layer and glue

I love the writing! This is so cute. The shakers will fold in with the happy shakers on the front and side-by-side. Can’t wait to finish!

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