Valentine Box

I may end up obsessed with these party cracker/box things! They bring out such a festive vibe to any occasion so why not? I added my own touch with a little sprinkling of glitter on the heart. So cute! 💓

(these can be opened simply by pulling the ribbon which makes them re-useable; added bonus!)

  • Classroom Valentine Treat Box–Cardstock

Simple Sticker

My son wanted a sticker for his phone. He’s into rock climbing so I searched mountains and found a cool design for a pillow. I used the customize option to resize and selected vinyl for the cut. I think it turned out pretty awesome!

Climb Every Mountain Pillow (minus the phrase and pillow!)–Vinyl

I’m learning how easily you can change things up to suit your vision!

Pretty Pretty Valentine’s!

I’ve been adding a bunch of Valentine projects to my list and made a couple of them today! I love the pinks and reds!! Eeee! I highly recommend making the card. It’s SO pretty and exciting to watch being cut, of course! 🙂 You could do so many different color combinations, it’s too fun!!

  • Doily Sewn Banner–Cardstock
  • All My Hearts Card–Cardstock

All finished! I love it and will be making a few more banner strands (changed out the bright pink hearts for lavender…so much better)!

A Few Random Things

  • Fancy Clipboard–Vinyl
  • Party Cracker–Foil Poster Board

The clipboard lace is the first thing I made with my machine. I enjoy intricate and delicate designs, but whoops, what a challenge for my first attempt. SO much WEEDING!!! A bit of an insane undertaking for a newb, but I’m glad I did it. Loads of mistakes, such as forgetting to turn the material dial to Vinyl!!! I cut it with the Cardstock option. Lesson learned.

  • Loveliest Gift Box–Acetate

Watching this cut and score was so exciting! This machine just amazes me!! I would have liked better directions for folding the box as I found it pretty challenging. It should have a bow on the top, but I opted out of that one. I just wanted to test out the Acetate.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! This will be a learning process as I discover what all Cricut Explore Air 2 can do! Here’s a few things I made through Cricut’s Design Space App within the last week and the materials used:

  • Party Crackers–Foil Poster Board
  • Party Foil Flair–Party Foil
  • Confetti–Party Foil
New Year’s Eve Countdown Bags
  • Vinyl Clock (found this by going to the Canvas, clicking Image and searching clocks)–Vinyl
  • Party Foil Flair/Galaxy Party Foil–Party Foil

I had so much fun making all of these decorations for our New Year’s Eve celebration! It made for a very festive evening, and I felt so great having created such flair! This is why I actually wanted a Cricut though I’m excited to try many more craft mediums.